Where can I park at the Airport?

We have three different car park options available;

Premium Car park, there are approximately 190 parks in this area which are located directly opposite the terminal and have parking bay’s 25% wider than standard, they are well lit and have full CCTV coverage. These car parks are $4 per hour, or part thereof, up to $16 per day.

Main Car park, there are over 500 car parks in this area. They are within the main loop road and are sealed and well lit with good CCTV coverage. These are $3 per hour, or part thereof, up to $12 per day.

Value Car park, there are approximately 250 car parks in this area. They are located off the main loop road to the left. This parking area is chip sealed and there is limited lighting and CCTV coverage. It is an approximate 100m walk to the terminal from this location. These car parks are $2 per hour, or part thereof up to $10 per day and $60 per week.

Do I now have to pay for my parking if I am only dropping off?

The first 15 minutes on site is free. There is a Drop Off lane in front of the terminal on the main loop road with a 2 minute time limit.

How do I pay for my parking?

We have multiple options for payment available. You can use “park with payWave” at our entry and exit access arms. Credit cards can also be used at the access arm or in the pay stations. Eftpos and cash can also be used at the pay stations by the terminal.

Where do I park my oversize/camper?

The Value Car Park is the best option for oversize vehicles and camper vans as access, turning and the road ways will make this easier for you.

Where should I park for ‘long term’ stays?

The Value Car park is the best value for long term parking at $10 per day, up to $60 per week. The other car parks have daily price limits.

This car park is monitored by staff and limited CCTV coverage, however all customers park at their own risk. See our Terms and Conditions of use for further information.

How do I use the access arms at the Premium Car park and Value Car park?

You use the same method of entry as at the main entrance, for example if you used your payWave credit card you use it again, if you took a ticket then you put it in the machine and it will give it back to you and raise the arm. When you go to exit you either payWave the same credit card again or put your validated ticket in the machine, you will need do this again at the main exit access arms.

Why did you need to create new car parks?

The car park redevelopment is the first major improvement at Nelson Airport since the 1970’s. There were insufficient parks for the number of visitors.

Why has the price of parking changed?

We’ve made changes to the parking fee structure that reflect the significant investment we’ve made in redeveloping Nelson Airport – NZ’s busiest regional airport into the country’s best regional airport.