Terms & Conditions

  1. The Access Card remains the property of Nelson Airport Limited (“NAL”).

  2. The Access Card must be presented at the entrance and exit barriers at NAL to utilise the system.

  3. The Access Card is issued for business purposes only and shall not be used for private parking at NAL at anytime.

  4. The Access Card shall only be used for parking a vehicle in a location authorised by NAL.

  5. The Access Card will permit 1 vehicle into the carpark at any one time.

  6. The Access Card records all transactions and will be audited from time to time for security purposes and to ensure compliance with these terms and conditions. NAL reserves the right to review CCTV footage to verify compliance with these terms and conditions.

  7. Loss of the Access Card must be reported immediately to NAL. Replacement of any card will incur a $20 fee payable by the applicant.

  8. Access Cards must not be marked or damaged in any way.

  9. NAL reserves the right to make amendments to these terms and conditions from time to time. Any amendments will be published on the NAL website at http://www.nelsonairport.co.nz/parking-cards-tcs.

  10. Access Cards must not be lent to any other person or no Access Card user will allow any other person(s) to follow them through any doors or barriers.

  11. You must return your access card to NAL at the termination of your employment or other engagement for business purposes at Nelson Airport.

  12. By using the Access Card, you agree to comply with all statutes, ordinances, regulations, by-laws, conditions of use, rules, and other legislative requirements, as may vary from time to time, relating to the use of the carpark and Nelson Airport.

  13. NAL reserves the right to withdraw, suspend, or cancel your Access Card for any non-compliance with these terms and conditions.