Nelson Airport has a significant range of aviation services from maintenance to pilot and crew training. Further information on this service network and contact information can be found on the Top of the South Aviation Cluster website.

For more information visit: www.totsaviation.co.nz


The rules have recently changed for flying remotely piloted aircraft (RPAS, UAV or drone.) To make sure you are up-to-date check out the Airshare website

AIRSHARE™ – The UAV Hub for New Zealand.

For more information visit: www.airshare.co.nz


For the period from 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2020

Fixed Wing Regular Passenger Transport Services

$7.45 per arriving and/or departing passenger.

Other Fixed Wing Movements

$16.13 per landed tonne (based on Maximum Certified Take-off Weight [MCToW] for aircraft type).

Rotary Wing Movements

$25.00 per landing for rotary wing aircraft not utilising the runway and/or taxiways.

The higher of $16.13 per landed tonne (based on Maximum Certified Take-off Weight [MCToW] for aircraft type) or $25, for helicopters utilising the runway and/or taxiways.

Aircraft Parking Charges

MCToW                     First Day     Each Day (or part thereof) thereafter

Above 55 tonnes    Free             $55

40-54.999 tonnes   Free             $45

20-39.999 tonnes   Free             $35

10-19.999 tonnes     Free             $25

Under 10 tonnes      Free             $15


Note that all charges above are in New Zealand dollars and exclude Goods & Services Tax (GST).  GST will be added to all charges at a rate of 15%.

Aeronautical charges are billed at month end to the registered owner of the aircraft as advised by CAA at the time of the movement(s) being charged for.  The charges are payable by the 20th of the month following the movement(s).