New gateway to Nelson Airport opening soon


Nelson Airport redevelopment is hitting some significant milestones as we transform what is already New Zealand’s busiest regional airport into one of the most smart, modern and efficient.

December 6th marks the first milestone with the opening of the new gateway road to Nelson Airport and the first of the new parking areas.  If you are visiting the airport for the first time in several months, you may want to allow yourself a few minutes extra to arrive, so you have time to familiarise yourself with the new roading layout.

 Paying for parking at Nelson Airport is much easier now too. You can now payWave in and payWave again on your way out without needing a parking ticket. Or you can still choose to grab a ticket on the way in and pay at the pay-station outside the terminal before you leave using cash, EFTPOS or credit card. Your first 20 minutes of parking remain free, allowing you to drop off or pick up easily.

 As our fantastic Nelson Airport redevelopment moves through its next stage, you will continue to see contractors working  on site throughout the summer ahead.  So, we’ve been working on a partnership with our friends at Super Shuttle to help provide options for you that make getting to and from the airport easier. How does a $10 flat rate to catch the shuttle from Nelson Airport to Nelson’s CBD sound? For information on how you can take advantage of this offer, go to  Bookings essential

 In January, we expect to see some LVL timber columns and some of the roofing triangles going up in our new Nelson Airport terminal. During this time, the best spot to get a view of how the airport is taking shape is still the current airport’s viewing deck. Big kids and little kids alike have been enjoying watching the contractors, cranes, diggers and other machinery at work.

 We are looking forward to having the busiest regional airport in New Zealand AND the best. Thank you for your patience while we build that for you. 

This map will be effective as of December 6th, 2017. 


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