Progress on new terminal visible at Nelson Airport


Nelson Airport is the gateway to the top of the South Island, the busiest regional airport in New Zealand and fast becoming the best.

The airport is undergoing a major redevelopment, creating one of the smartest, most modern and efficient airports in the country.

Nelson Airport offers up to 600 flights in and out the region weekly, with six airlines connecting directly with six destinations including all New Zealand’s main centres.

As a major centre of freight and tourism for the region, the airport has the highest passenger numbers of any regional airport reaching a record one million year in 2017 and set to hit more than 1.4 million by 2035.

The $32 million redevelopment is already on track to meet future growth, with the first phase of the multi-stage programme completed with the opening of a new entry road and carparking area.

With the addition of 270 new parks, when finished the carparking area will cater for 920 vehicles. Visitors also now have the option of ticketless carparking with PayWave, using their credit card or debit card to enter and exit at the access arm, making the experience all that much easier.

Meanwhile development of the new terminal is underway, a visually stunning, sustainable and scalable building featuring locally sourced timber and designed to reflect the beauty of the region. Visitors will enjoy an intuitive layout, with larger check-in area and departure lounge, new retail and food spaces with double the number of toilets.

Ultimately, Nelson Airport is stepping up to support and enable the region’s growing economy.