Aircraft spruce up taking place in Nelson

1444861678631 Fliers will no longer feel like they are stepping back in time when boarding an Air New Zealand Q300 aircraft after the fleet received a $1 million interior spruce up.

The fomer light blue interior seating has been replaced with sleeker inky-hued seats with leather paneling. New carpet strips have also modernised the interior of the aircraft.

"The [Q300] fleet are about 10 years old, that's about half way through their life so it was the perfect time for a cabin refresh," said Air Nelson head Kelvin Duff.

"It's mirroring the look of all Air New Zealand aircraft, when you [board], the overall look and feel will be the same."

The interior installations are taking place in Nelson, with the airline's 23 Q300 aircrafts being re-fit in the Air New Zealand aircraft maintenance facility at Nelson Airport over the next three months.

Duff said it was great for Nelson to have the installations take place in the region. Each aircraft installation will take about 100 hours of labour to be completed during the night between flights to airports across New Zealand.

The maintenance facility, introduced earlier this year, created around 50 engineering jobs for Nelson.

"Whenever we get extra work here it's great, [the installation process in Nelson] reflects the decision to create the [maintenance facility]," said Duff.

About two Q300 aircraft fit-outs will be completed each week, with the entire fleet set to be finished by January.

"Over the next month customers will start to experience the new [interiors]," said Duff.

He hoped customers would find their flight experience more comfortable with additional contoured paneling on seats.


Last updated 11:27, October 15 2015