Could this plane stop you getting jetlag?

Could this plane be the solution to sleepy days and sleepless nights?  

Add to this the humidification system to decrease skin flakiness, throat scratchiness and dry eyes and you've got one comfortable flight. 19 hours stuck on a plane may never be a lot of fun, but the roll out of the Airbus A350 means we'll be able to make the trip more comfortably than ever before. The Airbus A350 is capable of pressurising a cabin to a more comfortable level than standard, which eases jet lag and allows you to feel more comfortable.Singapore Airlines has taken delivery of its first new Airbus A350-900 XWB, an aircraft that could potentially change the shape of international travel.

The "XWB" in its name stands for "Extra Wide Body" and the new aircraft is six inches wider than standard Boeing 787s, with a more vertical wall design to improve shoulder space.

But perhaps the most exciting development of these new aircraft is the ability to stave off jetlag.

Inside the new plane, the atmosphere will be less dry.

It is also designed with a LED lighting system that can create 16.7 million shades of colour to simulate the natural phases of the day which will help reduce jet lag.









Last updated 11:01, April 1 2016