Kiwi takes flight

KRL1The 34-seat aircraft has been extensively refitted and repainted in Poland and the Czech Republic over the last month as part of the purchase arrangements to meet Kiwi's requirements, and is expected to touch down at Hamilton International Airport on Tuesday afternoon, 1st September. The delivery route for the aircraft is via Oman, Sri Lanka, Western Australia and New South Wales.

Kiwi's General Manager Airline Operations, Bill Wilson, said he was "very pleased that we've passed this significant milestone, and we are really looking forward to seeing our own aircraft sitting on the tarmac in our own country."

"We acknowledge the important role the NZCAA has played in achieving the export of this aircraft in a timely and safe manner".

Kiwi Regional Airlines opened bookings two weeks ago for its scheduled flights, commencing on 27th October.

The aircraft will fly seven days a week, initially connecting the regional centres of Dunedin, Nelson, Queenstown and Hamilton.

Bill Wilson

General Manager Airline Operations

Kiwi Regional Airlines