Nelson teen officially recognised for breaking Guinness World Record for longest wheelie

There can't be too many Nelson teens that have a Guiness World Record under their belt, but Harry Denton does and it is not likely to be his last either. In December, 16-year-old Denton set out to break the world record for the longest manual, a bicycle stunt in which the rider balances on his back wheel without pedalling.

He obliterated the previous record set in 2011 by American Zachary Hutelin at 209.2 metres.

Harry Denton with his Guinness World Record certificate. Harry set a world record at Nelson Airport in December 2015 for ...

His attempt on a Nelson Airport taxiway was confirmed as the world record in April. The global records body recognised his 338.9 metre run and Denton received his official certificate in the mail last week.

While he was confident he had a good shot at setting the world record, Denton said he hoped that everything else would be approved by the Guiness World Record team. He had to wait a few months to find out whether he had been successful.

"There was a few things that I was a bit nervous about, they requested that I had official witness statements and all of that kind of carry on."

It was recommended that a judge or solicitor was present to witness the attempt.

However Denton said airport operations manager James Middlewick and one of the fire service officers who were on the scene had provided witness statements.

"They were obviously good enough for Guinness to see that it was legitimate."

He got the certificate framed last week and now it was now hanging on the wall above his bed.

Denton hasn't stopped since then. He has been busy building mountainbike jumps with fellow riders at Branford Park with the help of Nelson Mountain Bike Club volunteers.

He also hoped to plan a fundraising ride from Nelson to Christchurch for later in the year.

"Just to raise some money to get the jumps built and have a park up there so that people can learn skills and take them to the next level."

His next goal was to set a record by doing a wheelie through the recently opened Spooners Tunnel.

"It would be really cool for the Nelson area having the tunnel all over the internet," he said. "That's just a little project in the background."